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We appreciate the nature of today’s very competitive real estate market. Buyers need to quickly collect data in order to make a very informed, yet but still very stressful decision. We recognize that as a new home owner the first 90 days post-sale can be very challenging as you adapt to your new environment and community. In order to help make this transition process go smoothly, Blue Owl provides five complimentary home protection plans for essential home systems such as sewer and roof systems.

This protection policy is serviced and under-written by Residential Warranty Services (RWS). RWS also provides a new homeowner concierge service to assist in enabling your internet and communication services. “Blue Owl Home Inspection, always bringing you all the way home!”

90 Day Warranty

Through our partnership with Residential Warranty Services, we are able to offer you a warranty valid for either 90 days after inspection or 22 days after closing, depending on which date falls later. This free warranty includes coverage for repairs for items we found to be in good working condition at the time of our inspection and that are listed in the warranty.

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Sewer Gard

SewerGard is the world leader in providing underground protection for underground repair coverage for your water and sewer systems. We’ve partnered with SewerGard to provide you with up to $4,000 of protection for one of the most expensive systems to fix. Please see our policy for an explanation of the terms and conditions.

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Platinum Roof Inspection Safe

Due to our knowledge and experience with roofs, we offer a Platinum Roof Inspection plan that covers the costs incurred by repairing roof leaks that were not present during our inspection. This offer is good for up to 5 years!

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Mold Safe

If mold is found within 90 days or for up to 20 days after closing that we did not discover during our inspection, your new home will be covered for the price of mold remediation.

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Radon Protection Plan

The Radon Protection Plan guarantees our radon tests up to 120 days after testing. If another test is performed within the designated time period and the results are above 4.0, mitigation is covered under warranty.

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Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection Plan

All our clients receive the assurance that in the event that your home purchase does not occur,  we will provide you with a $50 discount on your next inspection provided it is ordered within 90 days of the original inspection.

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